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Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to be a sex goddess?

Did you know that only 0.1% of women are sex goddesses cream? The rest can become one and here's how. If you already started reading very probably thinking that sex goddesses only appear on television and stunning women with perfect bodies and a lot of money to get ready. Stop! What if we told you that the opposite is true, any woman, is high, short, obese or ultrathin can be a complete "Sex Goddess". How? The key, says the writer, Flic Everett in his book: "How to be a sex goddess", is simply to be a version with more confidence and love for yourself. Unfortunately, he notes, most women are full of doubts and insecurities and spend much time looking for perfection, which increases the already overwhelming evil of the modern age, stress, murderer of libido. Today, if you're not the version of Glenn Close in the movie "Stepford Wives" in which he appears as a happy, exciting, creative, which is not enough to make pies, paint the house, playing with the kids and even mowing, but also have time to greet her husband with sexy lingerie when he returns from work, then "self-help industry considers you a failure." The reality is that in this modern life multiple daily activities and roles, the sexual part is seriously affected by stress, anxiety and fatigue, however, remains a crucial part in the lives of people, men and women, so it should be a major focus. So start to relax. Who cares that you can not bake a cake or you can not hide your twins widths, asks Flic Everett. What matters, he says, is that you can communicate with another person, show him that makes you feel good and make you feel good in return. And that is only achieved by controlling your life, having confidence in yourself, knowing you desirable and lovable, and here is the key to being a goddess of love. Sophia Loren said "the sex appeal is 50% of what a woman is and 50% of what others think you have", and if you consider that only 0.1% of women are goddess cream, then you will see that may become one. The real difference between an attractive woman and a sex goddess is nothing simpler and more complex than the attitude, says the writer. A woman who knows what she wants, dresses and behaves as you want consistent with it, will be infinitely more sensuous and appealing than a "Barbie" perfect, rather it will be perceived by men as a neurotic apprehensive that prefer spending hours in front of the mirror before you share any other activity. We leave the Flic Everett tips for you to accomplish change in attitude and can take the first step to being a sex goddess: 1. The simplicity and naturalness are based: The Sex Goddess looks real quiet, relaxed, it feels so good about herself that listens carefully to others and speak with ease. A woman will never be neurotic goddess, is so concerned about what others think of it that your body language will be nervous and make others feel tense. In any social or sexual, the sex goddess shows fresh, sensual in his touches, calm and as relaxed as a kitten by the fireplace. To achieve this freshness ... you have to gain confidence. 2. Get the most out of what you have: Identify your physical and intellectual strengths and analyzes what areas you can improve. 3. Fashion is not the same as the style: The secret is to dress in an appropriate manner, highlighting the good and evil hiding. Accept your age and be cautious with fashion trends. Ask a friend to accompany you shopping and to tell you honestly if it fits or not and if you still enhances those natural strengths are defined. 4. Haircuts: The next step is to align your image with a hair cut and color highlighting the features of your face. Unless you have a lot of confidence, do not let the stylist decide your look, take cuttings of model you want and ask that suits you and allows you to run his fingers through your hair very naturally. That will be very useful when linking or reenamorar your partner. 5. Makeup: The Cleopatra mask type lumps are not attractive. Opt for a foundation, eyebrow pencil, black mascara or brown lipstick or gloss to highlight your lips and powder to prevent shine from skin. 6. Enjoy your body: Nobody is perfect and they like women of all shapes and sizes, so accept yourself as you are and will reflect confidence. It is true that if you are overweight you may feel frustrated but, instead of having to push you down, veil as a challenge to stop eating carbohydrates, the attitude is very important even to meet these challenges. In short, a real sex goddess dresses as you want, is displayed as desired, but it is always neat, no need pearl necklaces, is clean, fresh, sexy and smells good, ie: shows who cares. Once you have mastered this part, you'll be ready for the next step: Flirting, and this does not exclude women with partners, flirting is part of the ritual to keep the flame burning, so to put the batteries.